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Mapper Extensions

Mapper Extensions is a simple object mapper implemented as a set of extension methods. Its goal is to map properties that belong to one object to another object, such as one might need to facilitate the use of Data Transfer Objects (DTOs).

Mapper Extensions accomplishes the following:
  • Automatically maps properties that share the same name in both objects
  • Mismatched names can be specified to allow mapping of properties that are not the same in the source and destination object
  • Trigger rules allow you to change data based on property name or data type
  • Properties that exist in the source object, but not the destination object are simply not mapped
  • Property types between the source and destination object do not have to match, a conversion can be provided
  • Implemented as a set of extension methods
  • Properties can be explicitly excluded from mapping
  • Exclusion lists can use simple wildcards to exclude a whole set of properties (useful in some ORM scenarios)
  • Map one enumeration to another enumeration
  • Can flatten object graphs (second level objects can be flattened automatically via naming convention, deeper graphs or special scenarios such as transformation can be accomplished via a delegate)
  • The latest builds are very easy to use, thanks to the new fluid API
  • Map DataTable to List<T>

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